Quality Management System for Plant Tissue Culture (PTC) Sector
  • Biotech Consortium India Limited (BCIL) is Management Cell for National Certification System of Tissue Culture-Raised Plants (NCS-TCP) since inception of this programme in year 2006.
  • Commercial Tissue Culture Production facilities (TCPFs) with a minimum production capacity of 0.5 million plants per annum may get recognized on the basis of their compliance with NCS-TCP guidelines.
  • Currently more than 70 Tissue Culture Production facilities (TCPFs) are recognized across the country.
  • Since the implementation in 2006, NCS-TCP has certified over 250 million plants.
  • NCS-TCP ensures that the recognized TCPFs produce virus-free and quality tissue culture plants for the ultimate benefits of end users/farmers.
For further details about the Certification System of Tissue Culture-Raised Plants (NCS-TCP), please visit its official website :- http://dbtncstcp.nic.in