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To facilitate the transfer of indigenous technologies, Biotech Consortium India Limited (BCIL) undertakes a methodical stepwise approach consisting of:
Screening for leads
Scale up
Technology pricing
Entrepreneur selection
Technology transfer
Monitoring, support and consultancy (Case Study)
To start with, commercial leads are screened for technology selection following which formal technology transfer agreement is executed with the institute which has developed the technology. The technology is evaluated for assessment of its commercial potential. Once the technology appears more or less viable it is made into a package for facilitating the entrepreneurs and financial institutes to access the commercial viability of the technology. Identification of the suitable entrepreneur is one of the most critical steps and depending on the requirement of the technology; strategies are adopted to ensure targeting of the appropriate potential segments. Following selection of the suitable entrepreneur, licence agreement is executed. The technology pricing is arrived at based on many factors including market demand, growth potential, innovativeness of the technology etc. For translation of technology into commercial venture, BCIL extends all support to the licensee in the form of continuous monitoring and consultancy services.