Biotech Club
BCIL also has a biotechnology Club whose members are kept updated on the major developments in the area. The Biotechnology Club has its membership open to Individuals, Research Institutions, Universities and Academic Institutions, Companies/Organisations publications, interested in biotechnology. The Club members enjoy privileges including BCIL participation in events organised by BCIL, copies of proceedings of such events etc. The club has both life and annual members.
Facilities to Members  
Free supply of BCIL periodicals:
  - Biotech News updates (Weekly)
  - The South Asia Biosafety Program (SABP) Newsletter (Monthly)
  - Biotech Bulletin (Bi Monthly)
  - Vatis Update on Biotechnology (Quarterly)
  - Biosafety Newsletter (Quarterly)
Quick Updates:
  - Information on Funding Schemes
  - Technologies Available for Licensing
  - Information on Fellowships & Awards
  - Articles/Reports alerts
  - Other important announcements and developments related to biotech sector
Privileged participation in events organized by BCIL.
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