Significant step of Government of India for capacity building of Tissue Culture Sector in Africa

Comprehensive capacity building program aims to develop or enhance skills of African candidates in micro propagation techniques. This program provides exposure for commercialization of micropropagation technology in respective countries. Program also focuses on quality management system for tissue culture sector enabling them to produce good quality tissue culture plants.

As an emerging technology, the plant tissue culture has a great impact on both agriculture and industry, through providing plants needed to meet the ever increasing world demand. It has made significant contributions to the advancement of agricultural sciences in recent times and today they constitute an indispensable tool in modern agriculture. Tissue culture allows the production and propagation of genetically homogeneous, disease-free plant material.

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Our Partners

  • Amity University, NOIDA (Academic Partner)

  • Yash Biotech, Raipur (Industry Partner)

  • Sheel Biotech, Gurugram (Industry Partner)

  • Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Pune (Training Partner)

  • Rise n’ Shine Pvt. Ltd. , Pune (Training Partner)

  • K F BioPlants Pvt. Ltd., Pune (Training Partner)

  • Jain Irrigation System Ltd., Jalgaon (Training Partner)

  • Ajeet Seeds Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad (Training Partner)